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Skillet Mirlitons

Mirliton is the Cajun name for a squash-like vegetable called chayote. It's green, pear-shaped, and tastes somewhat like a combination of cucumbers, potatoes, and apples. The peel is inedible, and gets tougher as it grows. If you're serving them raw, peel them with a paring knife; if you're cooking them, they're much easier to peel once cooked. There really is no good substitute (but if you absolutely must substitute, try zucchini, and cook it for a shorter time).

68 mirlitons   
Nonstick cooking spray   
1/3 cup milk       
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup grated Cheddar cheese (more, if desired)

Scrub mirlitons.  Boil with skins on, about 30 minutes.  Cool, peel and mash.  Drain as much liquid as possible.  In sprayed skillet, place mirlitons, milk, and seasonings.  Cook on low heat 1015 minutes, or until milk is almost gone.  Cover with cheese and let melt.  Serve in skillet or remove carefully to serving dish.

Contributed by Cajun Men Cook

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