Barbara Moseley

Barbara Moseley is co-editor of the Best of the Best State Cookbook Series at Quail Ridge Press, a job she accepted in 1986 just to help out her friend and golfing partner, Gwen McKee. They realized that not only did they share a love of golf, but also a love for cooking and collecting recipes. Three decades lBarbara Moseley and Gwen McKee on the set of QVCater, Moseley is still helping her friend gather and edit recipes for the highly acclaimed cookbook series and also for the distinguished RECIPE HALL OF FAME COLLECTION. Together they have published nearly 100 books, including the newest Fast & Fabulous Series, which has become a quick favorite with customers.

A native Mississippian, Barbara Moseley grew up on a farm in Florence, Mississippi, so her appreciation for good food has roots in her fertile upbringing. She still enjoys working in the family vegetable garden and sharing the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables it yields--both in fresh form and prepared in the fantastic recipes she loves to cook. Barbara would like to one day write a cookbook of her own based on the many recipes handed down through her family.Barbara and Lonnie Moseley She expects there may be a little bit of a problem, however, because none of her relatives ever measured anything. Measurements were just "a dash of this and a tiddle of that!"

A few years ago, Barbara and her husband Lonnie moved from the family Christmas Tree farm where they had for years hosted
families, church groups and school classes who were in search of the perfect Christmas tree. And where did they go? Where else, but right down the street from Gwen, on a golf course north of Brandon, Mississippi.

Barbara Moseley's life experiences reflect her appreciation for heritage, tradition, and the importance of the family. Before joining the fledgling Quail Ridge Press, Barbara also operated an office supply business and founded a cable television company with her husband Lonnie, so she is well-acquainted with helping to run a business. She attended Mississippi College as a student, keeping her education close to home as well.
Barbara Moseley and Gwen McKee preparing food from Fast & Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers
One of Barbara's favorite aspects of researching the various states is the travel. A wonderful learning experie
nce, her journeys with co-editor Gwen McKee have revealed a wealth of information about America and the way Americans cook. She and Gwen have met a great assortment of people, many who have become dear friends, and visited scores of landmarks, legends, and local attractions. From bed and breakfasts to private homes, television studios to test kitchens, Gwen and Barbara have met, fed and/or cooked with food lovers from all corners of the United States.

Barbara Moseley enjoys golf, traveling with her family, and spending time at home with them. Her energetic, lively, 93-year-old mother, who is also a golfer, inspires Barbara to stay active and enjoy all facets of life. Three grown children and several grandchildren, who all live nearby, offer a convenient source for testing recipes. In fact, some of the grandchildren love to come over to help, especially when it's cookie-making time!

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