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Mandy Rivers, an accomplished cook and food blogger, has parlayed her outgoing personality and cooking acumen into an unexpected success story.
In college, Mandy worked at a bona fide honky tonk in the middle of the deep, deep South, sometimes helping in their short-order kitchen. Once she got her feet wet, that was all it took! She became so enchanted with cooking, she soon started adding her own creations to the menu. It was there she realized she’d found two of her dearest passions: cooking and feeding people.

To catalog her award-winning recipes, and as a creative outlet, Mandy quietly started a food blog that unexpectedly became wildly successful overnight—due to her delicious, approachable recipes and hilarious personality,
The success of her blog was easily measured in the number of fans and followers on social media sites, like Pinterest, and it was there she caught the eye of the Food Network producers who were searching for the best cooks in America to star in the network series, America’s Best Cook. Mandy was chosen to represent the South and compete in the premiere season of the latest sensation from Food Network.

Mandy’s busy schedule includes a full-time job, marriage to “Husband,” and three active children she calls her “onions.” She enjoys creating new recipes and sharing them with family and friends. Mandy and her family live in Lexington, South Carolina.
Join Mandy now in her latest culinary accomplishment, South Your Mouth! Read her entertaining insights and amusing stories while enjoying recipes that are sure to become favorites and go-to dishes you will enjoy for years to come.

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