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Cookbooks are the BEST choice when considering a convention souvenir!

These gifts make a lasting keepsake, showcasing the unique flavor and culture of each state or region, and can be
personalized for your organization.

Conventions in New Orleans are a perfect example!
There are several options to choose from, and any of these outstanding books would make an impressive keepsake.

Best of the Best of Louisiana Cookbooks (with 3 editions to chose from!) include culinary delights compiled from the state’s best cookbooks as well as tourist attractions and state trivia.

The Little New Orleans Cookbook, The Little Gumbo Book or Louisiana's Best Restaurant Recipes are ideal for convention-goers to re-create the distinctive dishes they have tasted in this remarkable region, long after they have returned home.

Louisiana Alphabet invites readers young and old to enjoy a heaping helping of fun as it highlights some of the many features that give the state its richness, flavor, and charm.

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