Nationally-Acclaimed Books Make
Great Gifts for Any Occasion!

Make $10,000 when you sell 1,000 books!

No up-front money

Pay only for the books you sell

You can personalize books with your name

Easy to sell ~ they make great gifts

Minimum order only 30 books

Quail Ridge Press Fundraising Program

Quail Ridge Press books are a fast and easy way to raise funds for schools, churches, sports teams, and civic clubs of all kinds!

No-risk way to raise money

You can get started without buying any merchandise or sending in any money. Your members collect the funds when they take orders, so you receive just what's been ordered. And you're never stuck with unsold merchandise.

Popular books for children

We offer several regional books for children from author Laurie Parker. Use your fund raiser during holidays and back-to-school season to encourage students to add to their home libraries while helping your organization.

Everywhere in Mississippi by Laurie Parker Mississippi Alphabet by Laurie Parker Louisiana Alphabet by Laurie Parker All Over Alabama

These all sell for $15.95. Sell 100 and earn a quick $797. Sell 1,000 for $9,570!

Your state's best recipes

You can offer a local, specialized cookbook from your home state ~ without having to organize and print a custom cookbook. Our bestselling editors Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley have spent over 30 years collecting the best recipes from each of the 50 states and offer a Best of the Best State Cookbook for your area.

Best of the Best from Mississippi by McKee and MoseleyBest of the Best from Lousiana by McKee and MoseleyBest of the Best from Tennessee by McKee and MoseleyBest of the Best from Alabama by McKee and MoseleyThese all sell for $16.95. Sell 100 and earn a fast $848. Sell 1,000 for $10,170!

Or choose from any of nearly 100 book titles, including our new Fast & Fabulous Series of Cookbooks.

Bells Best CookbookFast and Fabulous 5-Ingredient Recipes by McKee and MoseleyFast and Fabulous Party Foods and Appetizers by McKee and MoseleyFine Dining Mississippi Style

Call us today at 1-800-358-0560 to see how selling Quail Ridge Press books will help you build your funds fast. We'll work to get you set up without the long paperwork or the financial risk of other fund-raising programs.

The more you sell, the more money you earn per book!

Number of books you sell
Amount you keep
30 to 59 copies
40% of book price
60 to 99 copies
50% of book price
100 to 499 copies
55% of book price
500 or more copies
60% of book price

Add your logo or personalized message

We can add your customized page to any comb-bound book for a very nominal fee. All other books can be personalized with a sticker on the cover.

Get started with only 30 books

It only takes an order of 30 books to participate in our fundraising program. And they can be all for one book or assorted titles. It's the perfect project for a single class or smaller club.

Set your own price.

You stay in control of the entire selling process -- including the price you charge for the books. Sell them at full retail price for maximum profit. Or offer a discount in order to spur a higher volume of sales. It's your choice. And the more orders you take, the less you pay for the books.

A Decade of Beach Walks by George Thatcher
From Manhatten to Mississippi by Daisy Karam-Read