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Harold W. Webster, Jr.

Harold W. Webster, Jr.

Harold Webster, Jr. says, “First I am a sportsman who enjoys the out-of-doors and then I am a chef. When I go hunting and fishing, I am going to the market for the best that nature has to offer.”

Harold Webster, Jr. is an award winning author and professional recreation educator. He has hunted, fished, and cooked across the United States and overseas. Harold Webster, Jr. has traveled and explored the world, and along the way, he has sampled, enjoyed and gained an appreciation for the many ways that venison and other wild game and fish are cooked.

Harold Webster, Jr. has feasted on wild boar with high chiefs in the mountain forests of Pago Pago, dined on local venison with Lacadone Indians in the steamy jungles of Quintana Roo, savored Riso Niro on Napoleon’s island of Elba, enjoyed smoked Prosciutto in the beautiful city of Florence, been taught to roll sushi in Tokyo, and learned the fine art of making venison and crab boudin in Dominic You’s Barataria.

Harold Webster, Jr. has authored three cookbooks: best-selling The Complete Venison Cookbook (Quail Ridge Press), The Venison Sausage Cookbook (Lyons Press) and award-winning Game for All Seasons Cookbook (Great American Publishing).

In 2007, Game for all Seasons won the USA Book News Best Book Award and in 1997 and The Complete Venison Cookbook was nominated for the Mississippi Library Association Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year award. In 2003, Harold’s recipe for Tuscan-Style Venison Osso Buco was selected as one of the four international winners of the prestigious Saveur magazine -- Antinori Winery Cooking Contest.

Harold's publications have been critically reviewed by major magazines and journals such as "Southern Living," "Progressive Farmer," "Muzzle Blasts," and the North American, British, and New Zealand Deer Farmers Associations. He has appeared on the QVC electronic retailer network and numerous national radio and television talk shows around the country.

Harold Webster, Jr. teaches game, fowl, and fish cooking classes at university and local levels in both the United States and overseas and he is often a featured guest chef. Harold Webster a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Recreation Education and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and he and his wife live at “Oak Grove” outside Cooper’s Well, Mississippi. Harold Webster, Jr. comes from a family of early settlers who have been living, hunting, and cooking wild game, fish, and fowl in Mississippi since before 1792.

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The Complete Venison Cookbook
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