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Submitting a Manuscript/Writer's Guidelines
Thank you for considering Quail Ridge Press as a potential publisher for your material. To help you determine how well your material fits our publishing program, please read the information that follows and browse our website ( to gain a better understanding of the books we publish.

When submitting a proposal, please remember that it may take up to two months for the editors to review it. Manuscripts should be addressed to "ACQUISITIONS DEPARTMENT." If you call our office, we can only tell you whether your manuscript has been received. There is no staff member available to talk to you about your work.

Submission Guidelines:

1) Manuscripts should be typed/computer printed (no hand-written submissions will be accepted).

Include a cover letter that gives a brief description of the project. What you would like to accomplish by having this material published? What kinds of book promotion are you ready to undertake? What kinds of promotion do you think will be particularly effective for you and your book?

Include an outline and/or introduction, a table of contents, and at least 30 pages of the text, preferably the first chapter (it is not necessary to send the entire manuscript).

If the project will include illustrations or photographs, please send samples. Do NOT send originals. Clear photocopies are acceptable.

Supply a market analysis of the book including the titles, publishers, and dates of all similar books. Comparing your manuscript to the competition among published books, how and why is your idea different and better? Who is the primary audience for your material? Secondary?

Send a biography of the author, including publishing credits and credentials in the field. If the project also has an illustrator or photographer, please include that biographical information as well. What uniquely qualifies you to write on your subject? What experience do you have writing other books or materials (what is the sales history)?

Anticipate a response
After receiving your submission, we will carefully read your material to determine if it is suitable for our publishing program. If the manuscript interests us, we will contact you with comments and questions that may allow us to go to the next step: a contract. If the manuscript does not fit our publishing program, we will return all material you sent if your provide a postage-paid envelope large enough to hold it. If a postage-paid envelope is not provided, your submission will be destroyed when our response is mailed to you. Please allow two months for a response.

From idea to book

When we decide your material is appropriate for Quail Ridge Press, we will offer you a contract, provide specific instructions on how to submit your full manuscript (must be sent electronically), and give you a date to expect printed books. We will be responsible for editing, field testing, revisions, final title development, design, proofreading, and printing. We will also determine a schedule for marketing and promoting the book. It is extremely important that you understand the author's enthusiastic, active participation is crucial for a book to be as successful as possible.

Quail Ridge Press pays a royalty based on net receipts of sales. If there is more than one author, or if there is an illustrator equally involved, the royalty is split between or among all the parties.

Our Specialties
Quail Ridge Press specializes in the publication of regional cookbooks. We also publish national cookbooks and regional non-fiction. We do not, as a rule, publish novels, poetry, children's books or other works of fiction. (As rules are made to be broken, we are, occasionally, so taken with a project that we publish outside our specialty. These cases are very rare.)

Mail to:
Acquisitions Department
Quail Ridge Press
P. O. Box 123
Brandon, MS 39043

NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Do NOT submit original material.

Thank you for your interest in Quail Ridge Press.