Recipe Index for The Complete Venison Cookbook

Venison Cookbook
The Complete
Venison Cookbook

2-Alarm Venison Chili 143

Aged and Larded Stag with Wine and Fruit Sauce 101

All-Purpose Venison Marinade 297

Almond and Cream Soufflé 361

Almond Rice with Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce 330

Amite River County Venison Roast 97

Anglo-Indian Venison Chop Curry with Onions and Potatoes 62

Anne’s Favorite Salad 335

Appetizer Venison Meatballs 220

Apple and Venison Sausage Omelet 263

Apple Cider Venison Stew 151

Apple Cider Vinegar 392

Apple-Currant Stuffed Venison Chops 9

Apple-Orange Cranberry Liqueur Sauce 304

Apple-Stuffed Venison Sausage Roll 10

Apple-Venison Burger Balls in Pastry 165

Applesauce-Venison Meat Loaf 183

Apricot Venison Marinade 297

Armenia Bread 339

Backstrap of Venison with Walnut-Port Stuffing 72

Baked Apples Filled with Venison Sausage 263

Baked Bean and Ground Venison Savory 166

Baked Cheese Grits 319

Baked Cherry Alaska 358

Baked Eggplant with Venison 165

Baked Fennel with Goat Cheese and Italian Venison Sausage 264

Baked Venison Chops 62

Baked Venison Enchilada 166

Baked Venison Kibbeh 183

Baked Venison Sausage Ring 264

Baked Venison Steaks with Mushrooms and Chianti 60

Banana Ice Cream 358

Bananas Foster 359

Bar-B-Q Sauce with Apple Sauce 304

Bar-B-Q Venison Ribs 115

Barbecue of Venison Ribs 116

Barbecue Venison Sandwiches 196

Barbecued Venison Bones 127

Barbecued Venison Flank Steak in Honey-Ginger Marinade 41

Barbecued Venison Short Ribs 116

Barbeque Sauce 304

Barbeque Sauce with Fresh Pineapple 304

Basic Crepes 340

Basic Homemade Pasta Dough 406

Basic Mulligan Venison Stew 150

Basic Venison Burger Patties 200

Basic Venison Marinade 298

Basic Venison Round Roast 113

Basil Venison Tenderloin and Broccoli Stir-Fry 84

Béarnaise Sauce 305

Beer and Bourbon Venison Marinade 298

Bermuda Venison Stroganoff 137

Beurre Meunière Sauce 306

Beurre Noir Sauce 306

Bird Breasts of Venison 10

Biscotti 341

Biscuits Made with Buttermilk 341

Black Bean & Tequila Salsa 305

Black Bean and Venison Chili 142

Black Bean Soup with Venison 208

Blackberry Catsup 387

Blackberry Fizzle 374

Blackberry Hot Pepper Jelly 387

Blackberry Jelly 387

Blackberry Pie 359

Blackberry Sauce with Bourbon 305

Blackberry Sauce with Nutmeg and Cloves 305

Blackberry Wine 381

Blender Venison Salad 213

Blue Cheese Venison Backstrap Steaks 72

Boiled Rice 320

Boston Baked Beans 320

Boudin Blanc Chevreuil 11

Boudin Noir Chevreuil 270

Bouquet Garni 388

Bourbon & Balsamic Vinegar Venison Marinade 298

Bourbon & Lime Juice Venison Marinade 298

Braised Short Ribs of Venison with Celery 116

Braised Stuffed Shoulder of Venison 92

Braised Venison in Dry Red Wine 228

Braised Venison Lombard-Style 229

Braised Venison Shoulder Roast 108

Braised Venison Spareribs in Tomato Sauce 117

Braised Venison Stew 150

Braised Venison Stuffed Cucumbers 219

Braised Venison Sweet and Sour Ribs 220

Braised Venison Tongue with Capers and Herb Sauce 128

Braised Venison with Fall Vegetables 229

Brandy Flamed Venison Kidneys 33

Breaded Thin-Cut Venison Skillet Steaks 230

Brine Cure for Venison or Pork 388

Brining Solution for Venison 404

British Colonial-Style Shortcake Biscuits 367

Broiled Lemon Salad 336

Broiled or Grilled Chapati Bread 346

Broiled Venison Backstrap 73

Broiled Venison Kidneys with Parsley Snips 128

Broiled Venison Tenderloin 85

Brown Rice Pilau 321

Brown Sugar and Lemon Sauce for Venison 315

Brown Sugar and Port Venison Marinade 299

Brown Vegetable Gravy 306

Buffet Venison Meatballs 220

Burgundy and Bouillon Sauce 306

Burgundy and Spice Crock Pot Venison Roast 110

Burgundy and Spice Venison Pot Roast 114

Burgundy Wine-Roasted Venison Roast 93

Butter Pastry 388

Buttered and Broiled Venison Liver 127

Butterflied Venison With Apricot-Wild Rice Stuffing 103

Buttermilk Biscuits 342

Buttermilk Venison Marinade 299

Buttermilk, Cultured 389

Cabbage with Venison Sausage Sauce 263

Cacciagione Gwen 39

Cacciastecca à la Haroldo é Anna 11

Cafe Parfait 385

Calcutta Venison 166

Campfire Venison Burgers 200

Canned Baked Beans 390

Canned Chopped Venison 286

Canned Country Venison Sausage 286

Canned Dry Beans with Spicy Tomato or Molasses Sauce 390

Canned Hominy 390

Canned Mushrooms 391

Canned Tomato Juice 391

Canned Tomatoes 391

Canned Venison Christmas Mincemeat with Candied Fruits, Sour Cherries and Walnuts 288

Canned Venison Meatballs 287

Canned Venison Mincemeat with Spices and Brandy 287

Canned Venison Sausage 288

Canned Venison Soup Stock 288

Canned Venison Stew 287

Canned Whole Potatoes 392

Caribbean Sweet and Sour Venison 230

Caribbean Venison Pot Roast 108

Carpetbagger Venison Steaks 42

Carrot Soup with Sherry and Sour Cream 321

Cauliflower du Barry 321

Chalupes 167

Chatham Artillery Punch 382

Cheese and Herb Bread 342

Cheese and Mushroom-Stuffed Venison Meat Loaf 184

Cheese Ribbon Venison Loaf 184

Cheeseburger Venison Bites 221

Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Venison 221

Chevreuil à la Mode 12

Chevreuil Bourguignonne 12

Chevreuil Cutlets à la Janelle 63

Chevreuil Liver in a Tomato Roux 129

Chevreuil Miroton 231

Chevreuil Stew 29

Chicken-Fried Venison Round Steak 42

Chicory-Glazed Venison Spareribs 117

Chili and Tabasco Sauce Venison Stroganoff 138

Chili Barbecued Venison Flank Steak PB 42

Chili Biscuits 343

Chili Con Carne 141

Chili Venison Tacos with Corn and Green Olives 142

Chili with Venison and Beans 143

Chinese Ground Venison Casserole 167

Chinese Venison 167

Chipped Venison in Sour Cream 231

Chocolate Mousse 360

Chocolate Soufflé 362

Chocolate, Mint & Banana Pie 360

Christmas Punch 380

Christmas Venison Mincemeat Pie with Candied Fruits, Sour Cherries and Walnuts 231

Chunky Venison Chili with Dumplings 143

Cider-Sauced Venison Tenderloin 85

Citrus Sugar 392

Clarified Butter 392

Classic French Venison Pâté 13

Classic Venison Soufflé 38

Coca-Cola Marinated Venison 41

Coffee Brulot 381

Coffee Ice Cream 361

Coiled and Roasted Venison Backstrap 83

Cold Blackberry Soup 361

Cold Coffee Punch 375

Cold Venison Salad 214

Cold Venison Tongue and Cheese Sandwich 129

Cole Slaw 335

Congealed Venison Loaf 185

Congealed Venison Pie in a Pastry Shell 235

Cooked Marinade for Venison 300

Cornbread Fried Venison Chops with Pumpkin Seed Sauce 14

Corned Venison and Cabbage Pot Pies with Puff Pastry 272

Corned Venison and Mixed Vegetables 273

Corned Venison Casserole 274

Corned Venison Cream Cheese Logs 221

Corned Venison Hindquarter 274

Corned Venison I 271

Corned Venison II 272

Corned Venison Roll 222

Corned Venison with Beans on Cornbread 274

Country Fried Venison 222

Country Venison Meat Loaf 185

Country Venison Sausage 253

Country Venison Sausage with Sage and Cayenne Pepper 254

Country-Fried Venison Steak with Buttermilk Marinade 43

Country-Style Venison Steak with Wine Sauce 50

Crackling Bread 343

Cranberry and Almond Conserve 392

Cranberry Meatball Sauce 306

Cranberry Sauce 307

Cranberry Venison Loaf 185

Cranberry-Rice Stuffing 322

Creamed Dried Venison 232

Creamed Venison Brains in Potato Shells 129

Creamy Baby Lima Beans with Venison Sausage and Gruyere Cheese 265

Creme Vichyssoise Glace 323

Creole Venison Meat Loaf 186

Crock Pot Venison Roast Citrusbraten 109

Crock Pot Venison Roast with Vegetables 110

Crown Roast of Venison 15

Crown Roast of Venison; with Sausage & Sweet Potato Stuffing and Fruit Sauce 37

Cuban Bread 344

Currant Jelly 393

Currant Jelly & Brandy Sauce for Venison Roast 314

Currant Mint Sauce 307

Curried Venison Pie 232

Custard Sauce 362

D’Daddy’s Corn and Dill Muffins 345

Daddy’s Own Pancakes 344

Dark Roux 393

Deep South Plantation Venison Marinade 299

Deer Spread Appetizer 222

Deviled Eggs 324

Deviled Herb and Mustard Venison Ribs 118

Deviled Venison Pot Roast 110

Dill Pickles 389

Dinner Venison Salad 214

Downeast Venison Pot Roast 114

Drop Biscuits 345

Dry Cured Venison 295

Duxelles 393

Ed’s Burgers 201

Egg and Venison Benedict 73

Egg Noodles and Venison Burgers 201

Eggnog Ice Cream 362

Eggplant Pie 324

Eggs with Roquefort Cheese and Green Onion Stuffing 324

Elegant Venison Wellington 15

Enchiladas 168

Fat Free Venison and Mushroom Breakfast Sausage 254

Favorite Venison Meat Loaf 186

Fettucine Béarnaise Venison Backstrap 73

Filé Powder 394

Filet De Chevreuil, Due De Roquefort Mlle. Dabney 16

Filet of Venison with Mustard Cream Sauce 43

Forequarter Venison Roast with White Beans 94

Four Cheese and Venison Sausage Baked Pasta 265

French Bread Pizza Style 346

French Choucroute 16

French Omelet 325

French Onion Venison Roast 111

French Quarter Venison Steaks 44

French Venison Burgers 202

French Venison Wellington Pastry 394

French-Style Strawberry Ice Cream 363

Fresh Blackberry Sherbet 363

Fresh Lemon and Orange Sauce 307

Fried Breakfast Venison with White Sauce 232

Fried Grits 325

Fried Noodles with Venison Slices, Shrimp and Vegetables 233

Fried Red or Green Tomatoes 326

Fried Venison Finger Steaks 45

Fruit Punch 374

Garlic and Pepper Venison Steak with Onion Sauce 44

Garlic Potatoes 326

Garlic Venison Sausage 255

German Style Venison Chops 64

German Venison Meatballs 193

German Venison Roast with Brussel Sprouts and Chopped Walnuts 96

Gin Fizz 385

Ginger Ale Julep 375

Ginger Beer 382

Ginger Flavored Venison Roast 93

Ginger-Apple Custard 363

Gingered Venison Plank Steak PB 45

Gingerroot Beer 375

Gingersnap Cookies 364

Glazed and Stuffed Venison of Cremona 94

Gourmet Venison Spice and Red Wine Marinade 301

Grand Marnier Cream Sauce for Venison Roasts 308

Greek Potato Salad 336

Greek-Style Venison Platter 214

Green Chili Venison with Tomato and Acorn Squash 144

Green Yogurt Salad Dressing 308

Greene County Style Venison Roast 102

Grilled French Bread Rolls 346

Grilled Italian Steaks with Vegetables 46

Grilled Marinated Forequarter Steak 47

Grilled Venison Liver Sandwich 197

Grilled Venison Roast with Blackberry Sauce 97

Grilled Venison Steak, Onion and Bell Pepper Sandwiches 197

Grilled Venison Top Round Steak Thai Style 46

Ground Venison Steak Lorraine 168

Hard Cider 383

Hard Venison Sausage 255

Harold's Key Lime Pie 364

Harold’s Favorite Spaghetti Sauce 308

Harold’s Venison Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce 192

Harvest-Time Switchel 375

Hash Brown and Venison Pie 168

Hawaiian Pineapple Sauce 309

Hearty Fresh Venison and Vegetable Soup 209

Herb and Wine-Marinated Venison Round Steak 47

Herbed and Spiced Venison Sausage 254

Herbed Venison Round Roast in a Salt Crust 107

Hindquarter Roast with Dates and Figs 95

Hoe Cake 347

Holiday Venison Steaks 48

Hollandaise Sauce 309

Home Cured Venison Roast 296

Homemade Applejack 381

Homemade Butter 395

Homemade Elderberry Wine 384

Homemade Horseradish 394

Homemade Hot Chocolate 376

Homemade Pizza with Venison Toppings 203

Homemade Raspberry Wine 386

Homemade Red Wine Sausage 256

Homemade Red Wine Sausage with Broccoli Di Rape 266

Homemade Sauerkraut 402

Homemade Soda Pop 376

Hominy 396

Hot and Spicy Venison Jerky Marinade 280

Hot Buttered Rum 383

Hot Cole Slaw Dressing 309

Hot Cross Buns 365

Hot Cumberland Sauce 310

Hot Italian Sausage 256

Hot Potato Salad 327

Hot Red Wine and Currant Jelly Sauce 310

Hot Spiced Cranberry and Apple Punch 377

Hot Tamale Venison Pie 169

Hot Venison Chili, Low Sodium 145

Hot Venison French-Style Sandwiches 197

Hot Venison Sausage and Apple Sandwich 198

Hot Venison Tamales 169

Hot Water Pastry 396

Hush Puppies with Cornmeal and Onions 347

Hush Puppies with Whole Kernel Corn 347

Iced Russian Chocolate 377

Imgedara 333

Indian Curry Sauce 310

Indiana Farm Venison Sausage 257

Indiana Venison Chili 146

Indonesian Venison Meatballs 194

Indonesian Venison Spareribs 223

Irish Coffee 383

Irish Soda Bread 348

Italian Flavored Venison Rehbraten 156

Italian Flavored Venison Roast 104

Italian Parmesan Sausage 255

Italian Style Boiled Beans 320

Italian Venison Biscuit Roll-Ups 170

Italian Venison Goulash 169

Italian Venison Meat Loaf 186

Italian Venison Spaghetti 48

Italian Venison Stir Fry 234

Italian-Style Bread 348

Italian-Style Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce 364

Italian-Style Thin Cut Venison Round Steaks 51

Italian-Style Wheat Rolls 349

Jambalaya with Venison Sausage 266

Japanese Venison Tenderloin 85

Jelly-Glazed Venison Chops 62

Jerky Drying Methods 275

Jezebel Sauce 309

Joe’s Famous Bread 349

Johnny Cake 350

Juniper Berry and Burgundy Venison Marinade 301

Kate’s Rolls 350

Kentucky Biscuits 350

Kentucky-Style Venison Chili with Pinto Beans 148

Key Lime Sherbet 365

Korean-Style Venison Short Ribs 119

Kosher Dill Pickles 407

Lemon Cream 365

Lemon Flummery 366

Lemon Salad Dressing 398

Lemon-Venison Round Steak with Gratin of Ratatouille and Zucchini 48

Light & Healthy Venison Stroganoff 138

Liver Loaf 130

Louisiana Venison Meat Loaf 182

Low-Fat Stuffed Venison Bell Peppers 170

Low-Fat Venison Lasagna 171

Madeira Wine and Green Onion Sauce 311

Main Dish Venison Salad 215

Manzo Stracotto-Style Venison 152

Marchand De Vin Sauce for Venison 311

Marinade for Game 301

Marinated Venison Backstrap Medallions on Béarnaise Sauce 84

Mary McCall’s Best Deer Steak 49

Mary Sims’ Venison Stew 152

Mashed Potatoes 327

Mashed Potatoes & Turnips 328

Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips Royal 328

Mayhaw Jelly 397

Mayonnaise 398

Meatballs in Burgundy Sauce 192

Meatballs with Bread Crumbs and Onion Soup 192

Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce 223

Medallions of Venison with Black Currant Sauce 74

Medallions of Venison with Crabmeat Filling 224

Medallions of Venison with Prunes 74

Meringue 399

Mexican Breakfast Venison Sausage 257

Mexican Breakfast Venison Tacitos 267

Mexican Venison Filet with Tomato-Orange Cumin Sauce 75

Mexican Venison Meat Pie 172

Mexican Venison Soup 145

Mexican-Style Venison Pizza 240

Mild and Sweet Venison Jerky Marinade 281

Milk & Coffee Gravy 311

Milk Marinated Venison Steaks 55

Milk Punch 384

Minnesota Crock Pot Venison Chili 144

Mint and Fruit Punch 377

Mint Julep 384

Mint Punch with Lime Juice 377

Mintade 378

Minted Venison Chops in Puff Pastry 17

Miss Dabney’s Triple Chocolate Delight Pie 366

Mississippi Country Venison Sausage 258

Mississippi Venison Roast with Red Wine & Mushroom Sauce 34

Mississippi-Style Blueberry Turnovers 359

Mocha Chocolate Chip Cheesecake 366

Mock Venison Duck 18

Mock Venison Filet Sandwich 198

Mock Venison Goose Breasts 14

Mogul Venison Curry 153

Molasses & Bourbon Sauce for Smoked Vegetables 311

Molasses Sauce for Venison 312

Molded Venison Hindquarter with Creamed Horseradish Sauce 243

Molded Venison Tenderloin 86

Montana Venison Stew with Vegetables 151

Mrs. Lipscomb’s Tea Rolls 351

Muscadine Wine 385

Mushroom Venison in a Skillet 50

Mushroom Venison Round Steak 50

Mushroom Venison Stew with Hot Egg Noodles 154

Mushroom White Sauce 312

Mushroom-Red Wine Venison Sauce 312

Mushrooms and Sherry Stroganoff Venison 139

Mustard and Lemon Hollandaise Sauce for Venison 312

Mustard Plastered Venison Roast 105

Natural Casings and Stuffing Procedures 252

Nevada Roasted Venison Backstrap with Garlic Potatoes 29

Nevada-Style Venison Chili 144

New England Style Venison Marinade 302

New England Venison Heart in Wine and Mustard Sauce 131

New Jersey-Style Venison Stew 153

New Mexico-Style Shredded Venison 239

New Orleans Venison Marinade 299

New York-Style Venison Liver 128

Non-Cultured Buttermilk 390

Old Style Yams 323

Old Tavern Venison Roast 91

Old Time Hunter’s Venison Sausage Patties 256

Old World Italian Sausage 258

Old World Venison Marinade 300

Old World Venison Salad Bowl 215

Old-Fashioned Strawberry Short Cake 367

Old-Fashioned Venison and Pork Sausage 259

Olive and Venison Spread 223

Olive Oil and Wine Vinegar Venison Marinade 302

Olive-Stuffed Venison Meat Loaf 187

One Hour Rolls 351

One Pot Venison Spaghetti 179

Onion and Mushroom Stroganoff 139

Onion Pie - Idaho Style 325

Orange & Lime Venison Roast 19

Orange and Italian Tomato Sauce 316

Orange Julius 378

Orange Marmalade and Chili-Glazed Venison Ribs 120

Oriental Meatballs with Far Eastern Sauce 193

Oven Barbecued Venison Long Ribs 118

Oven Barbecued Venison Short Ribs with Chili Biscuits 119

Oven-Baked Chevreuil Bourguignonne 19

Pan Fried Potatoes 327

Pan Fried Venison with Potatoes and Onions 45

Pan-Broiled Venison Chops with Onions and Mushrooms 64

Pan-Fried Venison Sandwich Steaks 51

Pasta with Italian Venison Sausage 267

Pasta-Venison Salad with Snow Peas and Cauliflower 215

Pastry Venison Loaf 234

Peaches Flambé 368

Pearl Onions, Green Beans, & Roasted Chestnuts 326

Peasant Venison Soup 208

Pepper Venison Burger with Stale Beer Sauce 204

Peppy Lemon Batter Bread 352

Persian Venison Meatballs 194

Petits Brioches 353

Pickled Eggs 399

Pizza Venison Burgers 203

Pizza Venison Meat Loaf 187

Pizza-Swiss Venison Steak 52

Poivrade Sauce 313

Polynesian Venison Steak 47

Poochie’s Spoon Bread 351

Poppy Seed Salad Dressing 398

Poppy Seed Salad Dressing 313

Poppy Seed Venison Pot Roast with Sour Cream Gravy 111

Portuguese Venison Tenderloin Steak 86

Pot Roast of Venison with Vegetables and Burgundy 111

Potato Croquettes 329

Potato Dumplings 329

Potato Fresh Spice Salad 337

Potato Salad 337

Potato-Prune Venison Roast 112

Potato-Venison Meat Loaf 188

Potatoes with Venison Stuffing 171

Potatoes—Rue Royal 323

Pound Cake 368

Pounded Venison Backstrap with Brown Gravy 77

Pressed and Baked Shiitake Mushroom and Potato Roundel 331

Primos’ Creamy Grits 329

Puffed Roquefort Cheese Gougeres 401

Puréed Chestnuts 399

Quick Batter Rolls 353

Quick Dumplings 354

Quick French Venison and Wine Steaks 52

Quick Fried Venison Round Steaks 40

Quick Pan-Fried Venison Round Steaks 52

Quick Puff Pastry 400

Quick Spinach-Venison Sausage Quiche 268

Quick Venison Red Beans and Rice 235

Ragout of Venison Catalan 155

Rainbow Ice Cubes 378

Raisin, Apricot & Onion Stuffed Venison Crown Roast 38

Raisin, Apricot & Onion Stuffing for Venison Crown Roast 407

Rapid Mix French Bread 354

Raspberry Swirl Peach Soup 369

Raspberry-Blackberry Chilled Creme Dessert 368


Red and Green Cabbage Cole Slaw 336

Red and White Onion Rings 337

Red Cherry Omelet Flambé 330

Red Eye Gravy 313

Red Fondue Sauce 313

Red Raspberry Jelly 400

Red Raspberry Sauce 314

Red Venison Shank Stew 156

Red Wine Venison Burgers 207

Remoulade Venison Fondue Sauce 314

Retried Beans and Venison Salad 213

Reuben Omelet with Corned Venison 273

Ripe Olive Venison Stroganoff 140

Ripe Olive-Cabbage Venison Loaf 188

Roast Forequarter of Venison with Stewed Tomatoes and Spicy Wine Sauce 98

Roast Hindquarter of Venison with Currant Sauce 22

Roast Leg of Venison with Spinach-Shiitake Mushroom Stuffing and Baked Polenta 20

Roast of Venison with Wild Rice and Currant Jelly 101

Roast Rack of Venison with Puréed Chestnuts 99

Roast Venison with Sweet Potatoes and Apples 100

Roast Venison Tenderloin with Blackberry Sauce 22

Roast Venison with Apple Filling & Topping 99

Roast Venison with Poivrade Sauce 99

Roasted Loin of Venison with Baby Greens, Orange-Ginger Vinaigrette and Sweet Potatoes 23

Rolled Venison Forequarter Roast with Bacon 107

Rolled Venison Steak Fleisch 53

Roman Fruit Punch 386

Rosemary-Mustard Venison Eye of Round 54

Roulade of Venison with Oysters and Green Onions 25

Rounsaville Camp Leg of Venison Mosaic 26

Ruby Mountain Venison Short Ribs 125

Ruby Port-Marinated Venison Round Steaks 52

Rum Marinated Venison Chops 65

Rump Roast of Venison 100

Russian Tea 378

Rye Flour Bread 354

Saffroned Venison and Beans 236

Salcom with Venison 216

Salisbury Venison Steak with Mushrooms and Noodles 172

Salt and Pepper Crusted Venison Backstrap 75

Salt Cured Venison 296

Sassafras Tea 379

Sauce Espagnole for Roast Venison 315

Sauerbraten with Venison 236

Sauerbraten-Style Venison Roast 113

Sausage and Sour Cream Omelets 268

Sausage-Stuffed Venison Roast 27

Sautéed Bok-choy 330

Sautéed Kidneys with Burgundy Flavored Sauce 130

Sautéed Venison Crepes 28

Sautéed Venison Sandwich 197

Sautéed Venison Steak with Hot Cumberland Sauce 54

Sautéed Venison Tenderloin with Cream of Shallot Sauce 87

Sautéed Watercress with Venison Liver and New Potatoes 130

Savory Venison Stew 155

Sazerac Cocktail 386

Scallopini of Venison 237

Scotch Venison Patties 198

Seafood and Sausage Paella 269

Seasoning Salt 401

Senegalese-Style Creme Soup 322

Sesame Venison and Snow Pea-Sesame Seed Salad 216

Sherry Cake 369

Short Ribs of Venison with Parsley Dumplings 121

Short Ribs of Venison with Raisin Sauce 121

Siamese Venison Backstrap with New Potato Salad 30

Sicilian Ice Cream 370

Simmered Venison Chops in White Wine with Ginger 67

Simmered Venison Heart with White Cream Sauce 131

Simmered Venison with Tomatoes and Mushrooms 57

Simple Syrup 402

Skillet Buttermilk Cornbread 355

Sliced Venison Steamed with Tea Melon 224

Slow-Cooked Venison with Cheese and Tortilla Chips 245

Small Loaf French Bread 356

Smoke-Flavored Venison Summer Sausage 255

Smoked and Stuffed Venison Ribs 290

Smoked Hot Italian Sausage 291

Smoked Indiana Farm Venison Sausage 291

Smoked Tomato Salsa 315

Smoked Venison 291

Smoked Venison Backstrap 292

Smoked Venison Backstrap with Blackberry Catsup on Biscuits Made with Buttermilk 292

Smoked Venison Finger Sandwiches 224

Smoked Venison Spareribs with Pineapple 293

Smoked Venison Stew 294

Smothered Venison Ribs 123

Soft Molasses Cakes 370

Sorghum Venison Meat Loaf 189

Sour Venison Pot Roast 112

Sourdough Flapjacks 355

Southern Corn Pudding 322

Southern Fried Venison Steak with Baked Grits 43

Southern Pecan Pie 370

Southern Pralines 367

Southern Venison Meat Pie 173

Southern-Style Venison and Ham Rolls 237

Southern-Style Venison Soup with Turnips and Onions 213

Southwestern Venison Sausage 259

Southwestern Venison Sloppy Joses 199

Spaetzle 355

Spanish Caramel Custard 371

Spanish Rice 331

Spanish Rice, with Venison 173

Spanish Venison Chops 64

Spanish Venison Round Steak 54

Spanish Venison Spareribs with Saffron and Potatoes 122

Spareribs of Venison Barbecued with Fragrant Spices 122

Sparkling Fruit Juice Cocktail 379

Spice-Flavored Venison Roast 96

Spiced and Simmered Venison Tongue 136

Spiced Indian Venison Stew with Yogurt 157

Spiced Venison Crock Pot Roast 109

Spiced Venison Meat Loaf 189

Spiced Venison Short Ribs 123

Spicy Tomato Catsup Sauce for Venison 315

Spicy Venison Chili 146

Spicy Venison Shish Kabobs 237

Spider Cornbread 356

Spinach and Venison Pastrami Frittata 238

Spinach-Stuffed Smoked Venison Backstrap 28

Spring Venison Soup 209

Squash and Peanut Pie 331

Standard Pastry 402

Star Anise Venison with Leek and Hoisin-Chili Sauce 55

Steamed and Minced Venison in Whole Eggshells 225

Steamed Mussels 403

Stew Biscuit Topping 341

Stewed Plum Tomatoes 403

Stewed Venison with Fresh Vegetables 162

Stewed Venison with Ravioli Dumplings 157

Stifago - Greek Venison Stew 158

Stir-Fried Ginger Venison with Mushrooms 238

Stracotta Venison Alia Fiorentina 162

Strawberry Custard Pie 372

Strawberry Flambé 372

Strawberry Shortcake 372

Stuffed and Smoked Venison Roast 293

Stuffed Baked Potatoes 332

Stuffed Venison Backstrap with Balsamic Vinegar Sauce 76

Stuffed Venison Bell Peppers 173

Stuffed Venison Chops with Mushroom & Onion 66

Stuffed Venison Flank Steak PB 27

Stuffed Venison Steak 55

Stuffed Venison Tomatoes 174

Succulent Venison Steak Roll 31

Swedish Venison Meatballs 194

Sweet and Sour Venison Spareribs 123

Sweet and Sour Venison Spareribs on Peppery Pickled Cabbage 124

Sweet and Sour Venison Spareribs with Vegetables 124

Sweet and Sour Venison Steaks 56

Sweet Cornbread 356

Sweet Dough Rolls 357

Sweet Pickle Brine 403

Sweet Potato Croquettes with Walnut Topping 332

Sweet Potato Soufflé 332

Swiss Cheese and Tomato Venison Burger 204

Swiss Venison Steak with Onion Soup 56

Swiss Venison Steak with Vegetables 56

Syllabub 379

Syrian-Style Venison Stew 158

Tabasco & Worcestershire Sauce Marinade 281

Tacos 174

Tagliarini-Style Venison 239

Tamale-Style Venison Loaf 189

Tender Backstrap Kebabs with Spicy Peanut Sauce and Grilled Chapati 77

Tenderloin of Venison Braised in Oyster Sauce 30

Tenderloin of Venison Braised with Green Olives 30

Tenderloin of Venison Salad 216

Texas Smoky Venison Short Ribs 125

Texas Venison Hash 174

Texas-Style Chili and Onion Venison Patties 201

Thin Venison Steaks with Vegetables 57

Tomato Aspic Salad 338

Tomato Catsup 404

Tomato Sauce 316

Tomatoes Stuffed with Horseradish Cream 404

Tournedos Venison Haroldo 31

Tournedos Venison Royal 31

Traditional Dumplings 333

Turkish Punch 380

Turkish Venison Meatballs 195

Turkish Venison Sausage 258

Turnips Au Gratin 333

Tuscany Bean Hors D’Oeuvres 334

Valencia Venison Soup 209

Vanilla Custard and Fruit Trifle 373

Vanilla Custard Ice Cream 373

Vegetable and Venison Soup 210

Vegetable Stuffed Venison Roast 102

Vegetable-Stuffed Venison Roll with Tomato Sauce 240

Venison and Bacon Breakfast Patties 206

Venison and Bacon Burgers 204

Venison and Bacon Patties with Gravy 175

Venison and Beer Ragout 246

Venison and Burgundy Meat Loaf 190

Venison and Celery Appetizer 225

Venison and Corn Chowder 210

Venison and Egg Noodle Casserole 178

Venison and Ham Mousse 32

Venison and Hot Pork Sausage Burger 205

Venison and Onion Dumplings 176

Venison and Potato Sausage 260

Venison and Red Wine Stew 151

Venison and Sausage Meat Loaf 190

Venison and Smoked Bacon Sausage 260

Venison and Sour Cream Meat Loaf 190

Venison and Spinach Ravioli 39

Venison and Vegetable Casserole 175

Venison and Vegetable Pie 246

Venison and Vegetable Soup 211

Venison and Vegetable Soup Stock 405

Venison Backstrap Sauté with Gratin of Turnips 78

Venison Backstrap Steaks with Stilton Cheese Mousseline 24

Venison Backstrap Steaks with Blackberry Sauce with Nutmeg and Cloves 83

Venison Backstrap Steaks with Sherry Sauce 32

Venison Backstrap with Creamy Mustard Sauce 79

Venison Backstrap with Plantain Stuffing 80

Venison Ball Soup 211

Venison Brains in Brown Butter Sauce 132

Venison Braised with Fried Almonds and Black Pepper 65

Venison Bratwurst 258

Venison Burgers with Burgundy and Teriyaki Sauce 205

Venison Burgers with Spanish Olive Relish 205

Venison Cabbage Rolls 242

Venison Cacciatore 242

Venison Casserole with Mushrooms and Tomatoes 242

Venison Chili Burger 206

Venison Chili for 70 to 80 147

Venison Chili Pot Pie 176

Venison Chili with Bacon and Dried Red Chilies 147

Venison Chili with Kidney Beans 148

Venison Chili with Lemon, Beans & Tomato Juice 148

Venison Chili with Toasted Caraway Seeds 149

Venison Chili with Tomatoes and Kidney Beans 146

Venison Chop Suey 243

Venison Chops and Black Jack 67

Venison Chops in Italian Sauce 67

Venison Chops with Mushroom Gravy 63

Venison Chops with Onions, Bacon and Mushrooms 68

Venison Chops with Raisin Sauce 68

Venison Chops with Roasted Pepper Compote 69

Venison Chops with Spiced Peaches 69

Venison Chops with Warm Garlic-Mint and Balsamic Vinaigrette 69

Venison Chops with White Cream Gravy 63

Venison Cutlets 70

Venison Cutlets in Sour Cream 57

Venison Cutlets Simmered in Sour Cream 70

Venison Cutlets with Pears and Cognac 70

Venison Dumplings with Tropical Spices 177

Venison Étouffée—Cajun Style 244

Venison Fingers 227

Venison Fondue 225

Venison Forcemeat Filling 405

Venison Forgotten Rib Roast 102

Venison Frankfurters 260

Venison Fritters con Dos Salsas 226

Venison Goulash 158

Venison Ham 104

Venison Hash 244

Venison in a Blanket 226

Venison in Cumin-Scented Spinach Sauce 244

Venison in Olive Sauce 79

Venison Kibbeburgers 206

Venison Kidneys and Mushroom Sauté 132

Venison Kidneys in Burgundy Wine 133

Venison Lasagna 177

Venison Leg Roast with Madeira Sauce 98

Venison Liver and Thick Cut Smoked Bacon 133

Venison Liver Julienne 133

Venison Liver Pâté 134

Venison Liver Pâté 33

Venison Liver Pâté with Madeira and Diced Ham 34

Venison Liver with Gin and Lime Juice 134

Venison Liver with Onions 134

Venison Liver with Rice 135

Venison Loin Chops with Muscadine Sauce 32

Venison Marrow on Toast 135

Venison Meal-in-a-Mug 178

Venison Meat Loaf with Tomato Catsup Meringue 187

Venison Mincemeat 282

Venison Mouffle with Brown Butter Sauce 135

Venison Muffuletta Sandwich 199

Venison Mulligan Stew with Dumplings 159

Venison Neck Soup with Thick-Cut Toast 211

Venison Nuggets 227

Venison Oriental Stir Fry with Rice 58

Venison Pastitsio 178

Venison Pastrami 296

Venison Pastry with Potatoes and Rutabagas 245

Venison Pâté De Grand Marnier 34

Venison Pemmican 282

Venison Peperonata 58

Venison Pepper Steak 59

Venison Petite Marmite 212

Venison Pie Popping 234

Venison Pie with Tomatoes and Peas 233

Venison Pot Roast with Tomato Gravy 113

Venison Ragout with Spaetzle 160

Venison Roast with Salami, Pistaschio Nuts and Garlic 106

Venison Roast Chieti Style 105

Venison Roast in Tomatoes, Spice and Gingersnap Gravy 106

Venison Roast Marinated in Apple Vinegar with Sour Cream Gravy 91

Venison Roast Marinated in Spices with Brandy and Burgundy 92

Venison Roast Marinated in Spirits and Spices 97

Venison Roast with Buttermilk 93

Venison Roast with Turnips and Smoked Sausage 104

Venison Roll Veracruzana 81

Venison Roulades with Green Onions and Anchovies 25

Venison Salad Con Came 217

Venison Sauerbraten Marinade 302

Venison Sausage and Seafood Ragout 161

Venison Sausage and Sweet Potato Stuffing 36

Venison Sausage and Wild Rice Casserole 268

Venison Sausage Balls 227

Venison Sausage Gumbo 212

Venison Sausage with Lemon and Spices 262

Venison Sausage, Sweet Potato and Fruit Casserole 270

Venison Scallops with Greek Eggplant and Peppers 82

Venison Scrapple 246

Venison Scrapple 179

Venison Shank Crosscuts 247

Venison Shish-Kabobs 247

Venison Smoked with Fragrant Spices 226

Venison Soufflé Cream Sauce 318

Venison Soufflé Tomato Sauce 318

Venison Spaghetti Pie 179

Venison Spareribs with Pineapple 126

Venison Steak Pot Roast 112

Venison Steak Rehrbraten 53

Venison Steak Southern Style 18

Venison Steak Tartare with Mustard & Wine Vinegar 59

Venison Steak Tartare with Eggs and Anchovy 35

Venison Steak with Lemon and Hot Wine Sauce 59

Venison Steak with Mushrooms & Onions 60

Venison Steak with Sweet Garlic and Caramelized Onions 241

Venison Steak with Wine Sauce 36

Venison Steaks with Burgundy & Honey 60

Venison Steaks with Mixed Vegetables and Apples 41

Venison Stew with Mushrooms and Green Peppers 160

Venison Stew with Onions and Carrots 154

Venison Stew with Onions and Potatoes 161

Venison Stewed in Fruit Sauce 247

Venison Strips in Mustard and Spaghetti Sauce 248

Venison Stroganoff Beef Consommé and Dijon Mustard 139

Venison Stroganoff Salad 217

Venison Stroganoff with Onions and Biscuit Sour Cream Topping 140

Venison Stroganoff with Tomato and Mushrooms 140

Venison Summer Sausage with Red Wine 261

Venison Summer Sausage with Spices 261

Venison Supernatural 180

Venison Tacos 181

Venison Tallerine 180

Venison Tenderloin with Herbed Cream Sauce 88

Venison Tongue Salad 217

Venison Tongue Salad Sandwich 136

Venison Tournedos à La Anna 36

Venison Wellington with Madeira Sauce 27

Venison with Curry & Applesauce 248

Venison with Egg Noodles and Sour Cream Sauce 249

Venison with Horseradish 248

Venison with Raisin and Black Peppercorn Sauce 82

Venison-Stuffed Cabbage Leaves 180

Venison, Porcini and Onion Stew 159

Venison, Wine and Juniper Berry Soup Stock 405

Vermont-Style Venison Burgers 202

Watermelon Rind Pickles 406

Whipped Cream 407

Whiskey Glazed Venison Ribs 126

White Bread 340

White Cream Gravy 316

Wild Mint Sauce 317

Wild Onion Sauce 317

Wild Onion Soup 334

Wine, Mushroom & Pecan Venison Roast Sauce 318

Winter Sausage and Venison Stew 163

Winter Squash Soup 334

Wishbone Italian Slow Cooked Venison Roast 106

Yellow Tomato Salsa 317

Yvonne’s Special Waffles 357

Ziti Pasta Salad with Venison Sausage 218